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Engraved bricks for donor recognition can transform your approach to fundraising.

Engraved Bricks and personalized bricks are the most exciting trend in community fundraising. Provide donor recognition using bricks engraved with the donor’s name, logo, or any personalized message. Donor bricks are placed in a donor wall, pleasing walkway, entranceway, or another donor recognition display of your choice. In addition to providing for all of your engraved brick needs, we also offer tile and stone options, and can help you set up a rewarding and successful donor recognition program to sell personalized bricks.

We have the technical and design skills to create the ideal engraved brick placements for you, whether you have explicit needs such as limited space, or grand ideas that need refining.

For larger contributions our skilled craftsmen can design and engrave benches or work with you to create a truly unique donor recognition monument. View more images of our laser brick engraving.

Read more about our engraved brick donor recognition program

Or, download a PDF of our Donor Recognition Program Brochure.

How to Start a Donor Recognition Program Presentation
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Bricks By Type

engraved bricks | red brick
Red Bricks
engraved bricks | logo bricks
Logo Bricks
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engraved bricks | blue stone
Blue Stone

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engraved bricks | granite

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Ongoing Brick Projects
Our Specialities include creating the design, using state of the art technology

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